2023 Toyota C-HR Prologue – All-New Toyota CHR 2023

2023 Toyota C-HR Prologue – All-New Toyota CHR 2023 [First Look]

Toyota C-HR prologue: the bold becomes bolder.

Toyota C-HR has been recognized for its innovative design and distinct identity since its debut. Toyota is now ready to share its vision for raising the bar by bringing even more excitement and boldness to the iconic C-SUV.

Toyota revealed the Toyota C-HR Concept at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, signaling its intention to launch a new vehicle genre. A little more than two years later, the concept became a reality with the introduction of a new car in the C-segment, a model that refused to compromise and was not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The challenge in 2022 has been to take the Toyota C-HR to the next level, building on its popular reputation for audacity, provocation, and fun. The new Toyota C-HR prologue demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to achieving this goal and more.

European development.

The new Toyota C-HR prologue was developed at ED2, Toyota’s European Design Development center in South France, which also produced the current Toyota C-HR.

Toyota European Design Development Design Director, Lance Scott explained: Our mission was to dig deep, to go further than we’d ever gone before. We’re really looking forward to delivering the new Toyota C-HR.

Still a rebel, but offering more.

The Toyota C-HR prologue is an early – but very real – vision of a vehicle that will soon be turning heads on European roads. More than just a simple concept, it demonstrates that Toyota is remaining true to what made the original model so successful.

At first glance, it’s clear that it sticks to its core values. The Toyota C-HR prologue is still daring, perhaps polarizing, provocative, and entertaining, displaying a range of qualities rarely found in a single vehicle. Larger wheels and shorter overhangs improve the stance of the car from every angle. Despite the increased sense of sportiness, the interior is actually more spacious and functional.

Precise and organic surfacing

The lines of the Toyota C-HR prologue express subtly changing movement from sharp to fluid. Two seemingly opposing values cause surfaces to reshape and flow, resulting in a precise, organic design language. The contrast between fluidity and sharpness is brought to an unprecedented level by this high dynamic range, while character lines are simplified to emphasize refinement. The car is exceptionally modernistic, yet retains an approachable, human touch, with surfaces that express both organic movement and extreme precision.

Its hammerhead face is part of a 3D architecture made up of interlocking shapes and a distinct lighting signature. To emphasize the high-tech identity, the grille apertures have been reduced in size, and the headlights have been slimmed down. The appearance is shark-like, with a keen and piercing gaze and a sense of being ready to surge forward. The interlocking theme is carried throughout the diamond-cut body, resulting in two shapes that emphasizes the car’s presence.

Coloring beyond bi-tone

Sulphur, over metal silver, and recycled carbon black are new colour accents for the Toyota C-HR prologue. The eye-catching tri-color option was planned from the beginning of the project.

Hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric versions

Toyota is committed to achieving carbon neutrality and expanding its electrification options in Europe’s largest and most competitive car market. As a result, in addition to a hybrid electric version, a new Toyota C-HR Plug-in will be available, bolstering Toyota’s multi-technology lineup.

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