2023 Toyota TUNDRA – Toyota TUNDRA 2023 (SRS TRD)

2023 Toyota TUNDRA – Toyota TUNDRA 2023 (SRS TRD) / Toyota Tundra

i-FORCE: 3.5-liter aluminum block V6, twin-turbochargers with water-cooled intercooler, 24-valve DOHC chain drive with Dual VVT-i

i-FORCE MAX: 3.5-liter aluminum block V6 Hybrid, twin turbochargers with water cooled intercoolers; 24-valve DOHC chain drive with Dual VVT-i

3,445 cc

Bore x Stroke:
85.5mm x 100mm

Compression Ratio:

i-FORCE: 389 hp @ 5,200 rpm (SR: 348 hp @ 5,200)
i-FORCE MAX: 437 hp @ 5,200 rpm

i-FORCE: 479 lb-ft @ 2,400 rpm (SR: 405 lb-ft @ 2,000)
i-FORCE MAX: 583 lb-ft @ 2,400 rpm

EPA Estimated Fuel Economy:
(city/highway/combined MPG)

4×2 i-FORCE:
18/24/20 (SR);
18/23/20 (SR5, Lim., Plat., 1794)

4×2 i-FORCE MAX:
20/24/22 (Lim, Plat., 1794)

4×4 i-FORCE:
17/23/19 (SR, SR5);
17/22/19 (Lim., Plat., 1794)

4×4 i-FORCE MAX:
19/22/20 (Lim., Plat., 1794, Capstone)
18/20/19 (TRD Pro)

10-speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT[-i]), sequential shift mode, uphill/downhill shift logic, and TOW/HAUL driving modes

Maximum Towing Capacity (LBS.):
12,000 (LBS.)

Track: Jarico & Vlad Gluschenko – Weekend
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Track: Jarico – Landscape
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