2024 Alpine A290 Hot Hatch – McLaren F1-Style Driver’s Seat / Alpine A290_β Electric

2024 Alpine A290 Hot Hatch – McLaren F1-Style Driver’s Seat / Alpine A290_β Electric

A290_β: Alpine reveals its idea of the electric hot hatch for daily driving.

The outstanding, ultra-sporty A290_β (A290 beta) demonstration car highlights the A290, the future tiny B-segment electric sports car in Alpine’s new age. The first of three potential “Dream Garage” models will be a new-generation, full-electric sports car meant to arouse every driver’s competitive spirit while redefining the concept of sports automobiles.

Alpine’s first vehicle in the new age:
In other words, the A290_β begins a new chapter in Alpine’s exciting history. The brand is using its motorsports legacy and spirit to enter new markets, beginning with an urban sports vehicle. The design, materials, and technology of the display vehicle represent a new perspective on electric cars that are equally appropriate for motor-sports courses as they are for regular rides – and equally exhilarating for the driver as they are for passengers. And, as low-carbon mobility becomes a must-have in the automotive industry, the Alpine A290_β is more than just a show car: it reflects the brand’s unshakable dedication to sustainable motor sports.

A forward-thinking moniker:
The name A290_β was chosen in accordance with the Alpine brand’s worldwide branding policy. The names all begin with the letter A and are followed by three numerals. The number 2 represents the B-segment, while the number 90 represents the brand’s future Lifestyle line. The Greek letter beta denotes an intermediate stage leading up to the formal debut of the production vehicle in 2024.

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