2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse – 200 MPH Wind Tunnel Test and More

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse – 200 MPH Wind Tunnel Test and More

To assist produce its next-generation of production cars, including the new Mustang Dark Horse, Ford has coupled the newest wind tunnel technology with the equivalent of a vehicle-sized treadmill.

The Rolling Road Wind Tunnel (RRWT), which can simulate wind and road surface speeds of up to 200 mph, aids in testing for efficient and performance-driven cars throughout the Ford brand, including the next generation of Ford electric, hybrid, and gas vehicles.

The objective for passenger vehicles and trucks is to achieve reduced drag, resulting in a more efficient vehicle. However, for vehicles that value track-ready performance, such as the Mustang Dark Horse, aerodynamicists will sacrifice low drag for more downforce, which helps cars stay to the road or track and enhances handling sensation while turning.

The Mustang Dark Horse is available with a Gurney flap, which is an extra plate mounted to the rear wing to assist produce more downforce, as well as three vertical plates called strakes that protrude from the underbody near each front tire. The strakes aid to interrupt airflow, resulting in more downforce on the vehicle’s underbelly, which can help the car cling better in turns at faster speeds.

Overall, Mustang Dark Horse boasts several upgrades and enhancements, such as a reworked front bumper, a lower valence, a spoiler, and distinctive wheels. The front design is intended to maximize air flow for engine cooling, brakes, and air intake while decreasing front lift. The lower air spoiler and splitter of the Mustang Dark Horse are unique, allowing the car to be adjusted for increased downforce. The Dark Horse’s improved handling kit includes a unique splitter, spoiler, and wheels – improvements that may appear little but make all the difference when hitting the road or track with performance in mind.

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