2024 Lexus TX – 7 SEATER, Luxury SUV (First Look)

– Spacious third-row legroom and 20.1 cubic feet of luggage capacity behind the third row.

– There are two electric powertrain options: a Plug-in Hybrid with a strong V6 engine and a high-performance 2.4L turbocharged hybrid offered only as F SPORT Performance.

– The enhanced Lexus Driving Signature foundations deliver a smooth and thrilling experience.

– Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Indiana is the first to construct a Lexus automobile.

– Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 and Lexus Interface Multimedia System with standard 14-inch touchscreen.

– The newly designed Lexus Unified Spindle focuses aerodynamic handling and vehicle stability.

Passengers have become accustomed to competing for the finest seats. Lexus is putting a stop to it with a new three-row car that makes every seat the greatest seat. With the global unveiling of the first-ever TX, a car designed particularly for the North American market, Lexus has ushered in a new age of luxury.

With rising demand for a three-row SUV with ample room and seats, Lexus stepped up to the plate to complete out its vehicle lineup and create a sense of luxury that will meet and thrill its guests’ ever-changing wants.

Even when fully loaded, the 2024 Lexus TX gives a tranquil interior space with a comfortable, quiet in-cabin ambience, competent driving, and a roomy baggage area. TX delivers excitement for the driver and a pleasurable journey for up to seven people with safety and technological features and powerful performance from a broad variety of powertrains.

TX begins the next chapter of Lexus SUVs with enhanced Lexus Driving Signature foundations, after the debut of the NX, LX, and RX. TX has been specially adjusted to give a smooth, yet thrilling driving in every row, without sacrificing the premium elements enjoyed by Lexus visitors.

TX will be the first Lexus car to be produced solely by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI).

The 2024 TX will be available in four different trim levels: standard, premium, luxury, and F SPORT Performance.

The driving performance of the car is enhanced by a broad, planted stance highlighted by 20-inch wheels for base, Premium, and Luxury grades. 22-inch wheels are offered for the TX 350 Luxury grade and are standard on the 550h+ for those who desire a more powerful look. The 500h F SPORT Performance is also equipped with standard 22-inch wheels with a distinctive design.

The TX has a slender distinctive L-shaped light bar lamp from the back, mirroring the contemporary and resolute image in the front to create a strong profile. The cabin profile is sleek and sophisticated, with a blacked-out rear pillar and arrow-shaped decoration.

Depending on the grade, the 2024 TX will be available in seven exterior color options: Cloudburst Gray, Wind Chill Pearl, Caviar, Matador Red Mica, Nightfall Mica, Incognito, and Celestial Silver Metallic.

The Lexus TX is the newest SUV to use the GA-K platform, which has a low center of gravity and good weight distribution. Enhancements were made to reinforce the TX’s body stiffness and decrease noise, vibration, and harshness to improve performance and comfort for a three-row SUV. TX also takes the principles of the Lexus Driving Signature and amplifies them to the next level.

To satisfy the different demands and lifestyles of visitors, the all-new vehicle will be available with three engine options. These include two electrified units, a Lexus-first 3.5L V6 plug-in hybrid and a high-performance 2.4L turbocharged hybrid engine that help the company achieve its vision of a carbon-neutral world.

The TX 350 (FWD/AWD) has the same fast 2.4L turbocharged inline-4 engine found in the RX and NX for an attractive and polished driving experience.

The TX 500h (DIRECT4 AWD only) features a 2.4L turbocharged Parallel Hybrid powertrain and is only available as F SPORT Performance. This technology, originally seen on the 2023 RX, combines DIRECT4 with Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS) to provide quick maneuverability and increased vehicle stability. DIRECT4 is Lexus’ patented all-wheel drive technology that offers rapid electric control to all four wheels to alter dynamic performance, responding instantly to driving circumstances and driver intents. It was previously featured on the 2023 RX and 2023 RZ.

DRS allows the rear wheels to spin in the same direction as the front wheels during high-speed maneuvers, providing a clear, solid turning reaction. For low-speed mobility, the rear wheels can turn in the opposite direction as the front wheels at slower speeds.

The TX 550h+ plug-in hybrid car (DIRECT4 AWD only) is a Lexus first, combining a strong 3.5L V6 engine with DIRECT4. Guests will enjoy a special driving experience with soothing silence, smooth acceleration, and an estimated EV range rating of 33 miles from the manufacturer. This is the first Lexus PHEV built in North America, and this powertrain will be available later.

New Car Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlphaSQUADofficial/videos

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