2024 Nissan PATHFINDER – All-New Nissan PATHFINDER 2024 (Concept)

2024 Nissan PATHFINDER (First Look) – All-New Nissan PATHFINDER 2024 Concept

Nissan’s SUV lineup at Auto Shanghai 2023 will include the Pathfinder Concept and the all-new Qashqai.

Nissan’s SUVs enjoy a superb reputation in China for their toughness, comfort, and family-friendly drivability. Nissan, a pioneer in China’s SUV business, has received great accolades for its award-winning SUVs and continues to meet the demands of Chinese consumers with its diverse powertrains.

Nissan’s family-friendly and technologically revolutionary four-wheel-drive Pathfinder, first unveiled in 1985, has become an SUV classic. The Pathfinder Concept, created with the Chinese market in mind, is the continuation of the legend. The Pathfinder Concept is meant to match the lifestyle of busy customers, combining Chinese contemporary aesthetics with genuine Nissan-ness. It makes the ideal adventure companion, whether conquering the wilderness or navigating the metropolitan scene.

The Pathfinder Concept has a fully overhauled appearance as well as an adventure-ready interior with three rows of seating to accommodate bigger families. The ultrawide display panel and heads-up display in the cabin deliver a plethora of information.

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