2024 Tesla MODEL 3 – All You Need to Know

2024 Tesla MODEL 3 – All You Need to Know / ALL-NEW Tesla Model 3 2024

It’s been 7 years since they first launched the Model 3, and now they’ve given it a mid life facelift! The big question is: what’s changed?

Talking about the way it looks, there are a bunch of cool changes. The lights at the front of the car are slimmer and fancier, and there’s a big vent in the middle of the front that makes it look super tough compared to before. The sides of the car are pretty much the same, except they made some new kinds of wheels. When you look at the back, you’ll see that the back lights are different now and one piece, and the back of the car is new too. And guess what? They even have some awesome new colors you can choose for the car!

Inside the car, it’s kind of like how it used to be, but with some cool differences. The big screen in the middle that shows stuff is still there, but the part around it looks cooler with ambient lights that goes from the front to back. The materials they used inside are better, so it feels nice and fancy. Seats are heated and ventilated, wrapped in perforated leather. Newly design dashboard gives a clean and luxurious feel. The screen that shows everything in the car got better too, brighter display – touch response is super fast, and does things quickly. They also put the buttons for the turn signals on the steering wheel, which is pretty neat. No stocks at all, everything will be controlled from the steering wheel. Redesigned center console, upgraded sound system with 17 speakers, more bass, punch and clarity. USB-C Ports at the front and the back, digital mini display for the rear passengers to control temperature, watch videos and play games.

Acoustic glass on the rear window and the back window, more sound dampening material all over the car, specially design model 3 tires to reduce the road noise, overall effects of this will be 30% improvement in wind and ambient noise. 25% improvement in suspension and impact noise, 20% improvement in road noise.

Improved suspension with new springs, dampers, altered suspension geometry, more bonding points, upgraded bushings and upgraded tires for a luxury ride experience to sail smoothly on the imperfections of the road.

There are two versions like before: the rear wheel drive and the all wheel drive. But now, they made the car even better at going far. The rear wheel drive can go for 346 miles before needing to recharge, and the mighty all wheel drive can go as far as 423 miles! That’s like driving really far without stopping.

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