2024 Toyota C-HR So Damn HOT / All-New Toyota CHR 2024

The introduction of the first Toyota C-HR was a significant milestone for both Toyota and the European C-SUV segment. Now, the next generation of this successful model is being launched, taking the exceptional quality of its predecessor to new heights. With its avant-garde design, advanced technologies, and significantly improved electrified drivetrains, the new C-HR offers higher performance, more lively driving dynamics, and an extended electric range. This new model has been specifically developed in Europe with European customers in mind and will be exclusively manufactured in Europe, including the assembly of the high-voltage batteries.

The first Toyota C-HR brought a radical innovation to a fiercely competitive segment by breaking away from the traditional SUV aesthetics, featuring sharp-edged design elements reminiscent of modern sports coupes. This design proved to be incredibly successful, with more than half of the customers citing it as the main reason for their purchase. The C-HR became Toyota’s most successful Conquest model, playing a pivotal role in establishing a strong emotional connection with the brand and reshaping public perception of Toyota in Europe.

The new generation of the Toyota C-HR maintains this distinctive design, reminiscent of a concept car, and combines it with a seamless digital user experience, electrified drivetrains, and agile driving characteristics. As a result, the new C-HR possesses all the qualities necessary to retain its status as an iconic model, attract new customers, and further strengthen the Toyota brand in Europe.

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