2024 Toyota YARIS Cross – ALL-NEW Toyota YARIS Cross 2024 (HEV)

2024 Toyota YARIS Cross – ALL-NEW Toyota YARIS Cross 2024 (HEV)

Toyota introduces the All-New Yaris Cross as the first electric car in a sector that is presently in high demand – the Medium SUV. This Urban SUV with a strong adventurous character not only completes Toyota’s Hybrid EV line-up in Indonesia, but also strives to preserve Toyota’s supremacy in the country’s SUV market with an increasingly complete assortment of vehicles. The All-New Yaris Cross is a mobility option for adventurous millennials looking for SUVs that are high performance, fuel efficient, and enjoyable to drive, with best-in-class comfort and practicality.

Toyota expects that by expanding the availability of electric vehicles to the middle segment, an increasing number of people will join efforts to cut exhaust emissions and therefore play an active role in reaching carbon neutrality. Furthermore, Toyota wants to provide more comprehensive options for customers with high mobility during the week who want to enjoy adventure or other outdoor activities on weekends, as well as meet their sporty and dynamic lifestyle needs every day with the Advanced Urban SUV All-New Yaris Cross.

The All-New Yaris Cross embodies the “Solid & Dynamic” philosophy, with an exceptional exterior reminiscent of a modern Toyota SUV and a small cabin that maximizes internal room. The exterior boasts a plump and feisty expansive body with distinct character lines presenting a robust and tough look. The crisp shape, along with the upper and lower trapezoidal grilles of varying proportions, presents an increasingly manly and dignified aspect from the front.

Inside, the All-New Yaris Cross interior feels big and athletic, with a broad soft dashboard panel that offers a luxury feeling, producing a design in harmony with the door trim that creates a spacious image. The inclusion of the finest in class Panoramic Glass Roof with Power Sunshade adds to the spacious sense. The driving position is also the highest in its class for an SUV, resulting in the best view in all directions. The driver-focused interior has a customizable 7-inch digital TFT instrument display that emphasizes sportiness, as well as a black piano finish, soft materials, and satin-lined embellishments to create a high-quality, sophisticated feel. It is embroidered with blue threads that are athletic and attractive to the sight, especially for the upholstery stitching. Seat choices include fabric and synthetic leather, which give the highest comfort due to their capacity to decrease heat on the surface, and an Electric Seat Adjuster on the driver’s seat, which is also the first in its class.

The All-New Yaris Cross comes with a hybrid engine option as well as a gasoline engine option, both of which have a capacity of 1,500 cc 4 cylinders and are ecologically friendly. The hybrid runway can generate 82 kW of power and is outfitted with an EV Mode and CVT gearbox that work in tandem with the electric motor to drive the front axle in the most efficient partnership without losing performance.

The Toyota Hybrid System (THS) works in conjunction with the development of an electric motor and the use of a more compact and powerful Lithium-Ion battery, providing a more powerful and intuitive linear performance while conserving fuel, being quiet, and being environmentally friendly. The availability of EV Mode allows consumers to firsthand experience the distinct character of driving a pure electric car that is quiet, responsive, and emission-free. Furthermore, because no further maintenance is necessary, the cost of ownership stays low.

The usage of a Lithium-Ion battery in Toyota’s Hybrid EV for the first time in Indonesia offers the benefit of being more resistant to high operating temperatures and smaller in size. Because the hybrid battery is located beneath the rear passenger seat, it does not compromise baggage capacity or passenger cabin space. The choice of location below deck also adds to improved handling and lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, making the automobile more pleasant to drive.

Meanwhile, the Gasoline variant is powered by a 1,500 cc 4-cylinder Dual VVT-i engine rated at 78 kW and 138 Nm of torque. A 5-speed manual transmission and CVT with acceptable reaction performance and fuel efficiency are offered to give inexpensive cost of ownership without compromising its robustness in following client mobility.

Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) is a cutting-edge active safety technology with cutting-edge convenience features. T Intouch also works in tandem with the All-New Yaris Cross feature to improve security and customer connectivity, providing peace of mind.

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