Toyota Car Designers can now use Text to Image AI Technique to Design Cars

Toyota Car Designers can now use Text to Image AI Technique to Design Cars / Generative AI Technique for Car Design

Toyota Research Institute TRI announced the development of a generative artificial intelligence AI approach to aid car designers. Designers may already use freely available text-to-image generative AI technologies as an early phase in their creative process. Designers may include early design sketches and engineering limitations into this process using TRI’s innovative method reducing the number of iterations required to reconcile design and engineering issues.

Two articles published by TRI researchers describe how the method includes exact engineering limitations into the design process. Drag (affecting fuel efficiency) and chassis parameters, like as ride height and cabin size (affecting handling, ergonomics, and safety) may now be implicitly integrated into the generative AI process.

The researchers used techniques from optimization theory, which is widely utilized in computer-aided engineering to text-to-image-based generative AI. The resultant technique enables the designer to optimize technical restrictions while also providing text-based artistic cues to the generative AI process.

This technology might potentially help Toyota create electric cars more swiftly and effectively by putting engineering restrictions directly into the design process.

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