2023 Honda WR-V – ALL-NEW Honda WRV 2023

2023 Honda WR-V – ALL-NEW Honda WRV 2023

The Honda WR-V evolved from the Honda SUV RS Concept, which is a Compact SUV with a more sporty personality typical of Honda’s RS variant. The full implementation of this concept came with the mass production model of the Honda WR-V, which had been displayed with camouflage stickers at automotive exhibitions and roadshows in various regions of Indonesia, and was also very well received by consumers.

In Indonesia, the Honda WR-V joins the previously successful Honda SUV lineup, which includes the New Honda CR-V, All New Honda HR-V, and All New Honda BR-V. As a member of the Honda SUV lineup, the Honda WR-V shares characteristics with other Honda SUVs, such as high ground clearance, powerful engine performance, a spacious cabin, and sophisticated technology. Furthermore, the Honda WR-V has a more sporty design and several advantages over other models in its class.

The dashing SUV character of the Honda WR-V is combined with a more sporty design on the exterior. The front view of the Honda WR-V on this model features a futuristic tessellated grille and modern headlights with sporty dark chrome accents. The Honda WR-V also has thin, sharp, and long LED headlights for a premium appearance and clear visibility for the driver. This vehicle is also outfitted with a modern Sequential turn signal, which enhances the SUV’s front appearance.

With the use of LED bars, the car’s rear design appears sophisticated and one-of-a-kind. The car’s side view appears sleek and sporty, with the body line extending from the headlights to the sides, body, and ending at the taillights. The Honda WR-V’s rear door is distinguished by a coupe-style concept in which the door handle is located on the side of the window frame.

With a height of 220mm, the Honda WR-V has the highest ground clearance in its class, providing a sense of security when driving in a variety of road conditions. The Honda WR-V RS features two-tone 17-inch alloy wheels with sportier design elements to emphasize the RS’s character. The Honda WR-V type E rides on 16-inch alloy wheels.

The Honda WR-V has a well-designed cockpit with plenty of space for the driver. The Honda WR-V has a leather centre console box with armrests and a combination of leather and fabric seats. The character of a compact SUV is represented by a sporty and high-quality interior design. The Honda WR-V also has a 12V Power Outlet for simple connection and charging, as well as two USB ports for connecting to various devices.

The Honda WR-V’s driving comfort is also enhanced by a 4.2″ Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Display screen on the dashboard, which displays various accurate information while driving, such as the Honda SENSING function, average fuel consumption, travel distance, and remaining fuel, and is combined with an audio display with a 7″ touch screen that has been equipped with various functions such as Smartphone Connection and Hands-Free Telephone.

The Honda WR-V has a 1.5 L i-VTEC DOHC inline 4 cylinder DBW, 16 valve engine with 121 PS at 6,600 rpm and 145 Nm at 4,300 rpm, which is the most powerful in its class. The Honda WR-V has a CVT transmission with G-design shift technology, which produces powerful acceleration and has a 4% increase in fuel efficiency. Powerful engine performance combined with a CVT transmission makes driving through various road conditions in and out of town more enjoyable.

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