2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe / GLC Coupe 2023

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupé – interior, exterior, drive and off-road / ALL-NEW Mercedes GLC 2023 Coupe

Stylish design and dynamic driving pleasure: This is where the new GLC Coupé shines. It completes Mercedes-best-selling Benz’s vehicle series as the sporty sibling of the GLC SUV. Before the GLC Coupé even starts, the first impression is one of elegance, dynamism, and off-road adventure. An unmistakable look is defined by striking proportions, dramatic surfaces, and precisely molded edges, which are complemented by a clearly laid-out, high-quality interior.

The GLC Coupé combines high efficiency with sporty performance. All models feature electric drive technology, either as a plug-in hybrid with an all-electric range suitable for daily needs or as a mild hybrid with 48-volt technology and an integrated starter-generator for an additional boost and energy recuperation. And the new GLC Coupé is equally at home on any terrain. Its comfort and agility impress both on and off the road. Standard is the sports suspension. The optional 4.5° rear axle steering increases the vehicle’s maneuverability. It is available as part of the Technology package, along with AIRMATIC air suspension. Off-road, the Coupé excels with features such as 4MATIC all-wheel drive and purely electric off-road driving in the plug-in models.

The new GLC Coupé’s high standards are visible in every detail. The latest generation of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system’s hardware and software provide even greater user-friendliness. Brilliant images in the driver and central displays make controlling vehicle and comfort functions simple. The information on the two LCD screens is clear and well-structured. The full-screen navigation provides the best route guidance possible. MBUX Augmented Reality is available as an option for navigation. A camera captures the environment in front of the vehicle. The central display displays moving images as well as virtual objects, information, and markers. Traffic signs, directional arrows, lane-change recommendations, and house numbers are examples of these. This makes it much easier to navigate, especially in cities.

Hey Mercedes, the intuitive voice assistant is becoming increasingly adept at responding to natural language and user preferences. Music streaming services, including personal settings[1,] can be seamlessly integrated into MBUX, allowing customers to enjoy a personalized music experience in the vehicle. The audio Tour guide, which is part of Mercedes ME’s “MBUX Voice Assistant,” provides additional information. When you say “Hey Mercedes, start Tour guide,” the MBUX infotainment system reads out information about points of interest along the route. The system detects approximately 3,400 brown signs along German highways. Customers driving in the new GLC Coupé can use the MBUX Smart Home function to access smart home systems, such as monitoring and adjusting temperatures, lighting, blinds, security systems, and electrical appliances.

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