2024 Honda CR-V – ALL-NEW Honda CRV 2024

2024 Honda CR-V – ALL-NEW Honda CRV 2024

Honda has recently unveiled the sixth-generation of its best-selling SUV, the CR-V. This latest model is set to take the European market by storm with its exceptional design, practicality, and everyday usability. The new CR-V is equipped with advanced and sporty values, cutting-edge driver aids, and passive safety features that ensure outstanding reliability, dynamics, and comfort.

The new CR-V will be available in a choice of either a full hybrid (e:HEV) or a plug-in hybrid (e:PHEV) powertrain, both of which come with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder direct injection Atkinson-cycle petrol engine. The e:PHEV is the first-ever plug-in hybrid offered by Honda in the European market and features lightweight and high-output onboard electric motors, similar to the e:HEV. The plug-in CR-V can travel up to 82 km in electric mode, making it ideal for daily commutes.

The full hybrid CR-V boasts the most advanced iteration of Honda’s award-winning e:HEV powertrain, which combines a power-dense lithium-ion battery and two compact, lightweight electric motors with the petrol engine. This allows the vehicle to shift seamlessly between EV, Hybrid, and Engine Drive, making it perfect for all driving scenarios.

Despite the CR-V’s familiar silhouette, the new design increases its road presence. The vehicle has a more purposeful styling at the front, with the e:HEV and e:PHEV variants each having their own unique grille design. The CR-V’s thin headlights and new signature daytime running lights create a strong visual presence. The vehicle also boasts excellent outward visibility for all occupants, which reduces stress and provides a sense of safety and reassurance.

The CR-V’s dimensions have also increased, offering more interior space for passengers. The vehicle’s 40mm longer wheelbase allows for 16mm more rear legroom, and the luggage capacity has increased by 18%. Passengers can also relax in comfort thanks to the eight levels of adjustment for the rear seat recline, with 10.5° more angle.

The all-new CR-V features an updated suite of Honda SENSING features and new structural components that contribute to class-leading active and passive safety. The vehicle is the first to include Honda SENSING 360, an all-new omnidirectional safety and driver assist system that removes blind spots around the vehicle, reducing the burden on the driver and further contributing to collision avoidance.

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