Hyundai Remote Parking, Roof Airbag, Light Technology, Sensor Technology, and more

Hyundai Remote Parking, Roof Airbag, Light Technology, Sensor Technology, and more

These are various Hyundai and Genesis cars features and technologies that enhance Safety and Convenience while driving:

Narrow Space Assist (NSA):
Helps drivers park their car in tight spaces by providing guidance and assistance during the parking process.

Reverse Assist (RA):
A safety feature that helps drivers avoid collisions while backing up by alerting them of any obstacles or objects in their path.

Remote Parking Assist Parallel:
Allows drivers to remotely park their car in a parallel parking space using a smartphone app.

Remote Parking Assist Perpendicular:
Similar to parallel parking, this feature allows drivers to park their car in a perpendicular parking space remotely using a smartphone app.

Surround View Monitor – 3D SVM:
Provides drivers with a 360-degree view of their surroundings, helping them avoid obstacles and park more safely.

Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (R-AEB):
A safety feature that automatically applies the brakes to prevent a collision when the car is in reverse.

Roof Airbag:
An innovative safety feature developed by Hyundai that deploys an airbag from the roof in the event of a rollover, protecting passengers from head and neck injuries.

16 Segment Matrix ABD Headlight Technology:
This is an advanced lighting system that utilizes multiple segments to provide better illumination and reduce driver fatigue, while also reducing glare for oncoming traffic at night.

ADAS Fusion:
Hyundai’s ADAS Fusion is an advanced driver assistance system that uses sensors and cameras to detect and analyze the surrounding environment, providing drivers with features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, collision avoidance, blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and parking assistance. It’s designed to help drivers stay safe on the road, reduce the risk of accidents, and improve overall driving comfort and convenience.

ABD System:
Hyundai’s ABD (Adaptive Driving Beam) system is an advanced lighting technology that uses cameras and sensors to adjust the brightness and direction of headlights based on the surrounding environment and position of other vehicles on the road. It enhances driving safety by providing better visibility in low-light conditions, bad weather, and winding roads while reducing driver fatigue. It also detects and illuminates potential hazards like road signs and pedestrians, improving overall driving convenience.

Light Tunnel – ABD Simulator:
A Hyundai’s testing facility that simulates real-world lighting conditions to test and optimize vehicle lighting systems.

Mobis Seosan Proving Ground:
is a large testing facility in Seosan, South Korea, owned and operated by Hyundai Mobis. It features various testing tracks and facilities that simulate different driving conditions and environments. The facility is used to test and refine various vehicle systems and technologies, including engine, suspension, brakes, and safety features, and includes environmental testing facilities to simulate extreme weather conditions. The facility is important for developing high-quality and reliable vehicles for customers.

Virtual City:
Hyundai’s Virtual City is a technology that creates a simulated city environment to test and refine vehicle systems and technologies. It allows engineers to simulate various driving scenarios and identify potential problems, leading to more efficient and cost-effective testing. Virtual City also enables the testing of systems and technologies that would be difficult or impossible to test in the real world, resulting in safer and more advanced vehicles for drivers.

High-Speed Track:
ABD headlamps tests in real life at high speeds.

3D Lit Image Taillight Technology:
Hyundai’s 3D Lit Image Taillight Technology is an advanced lighting system that uses a combination of LED lights and reflectors to create a unique 3D design. The taillights have a sleek and modern appearance, and contribute to improve visibility.

Matrix Projector Headlight Technology:
Hyundai’s Matrix Projector Headlight Technology is an advanced lighting system that uses LED lights and individually controlled mirrors to provide improved illumination for drivers. It adjusts the light beam to avoid blinding other drivers, detects the presence of oncoming traffic.

0:00 Narrow Space Assist (NSA)
0:27 Reverse Assist (RA)
0:38 Remote Parking Assist Parallel
0:54 Remote Parking Assist Perpendicular
1:10 Surround View Monitor (3D SVM)
1:18 Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (R-AEB)
1:34 Roof Airbag
3:11 16 Segment Matrix ABD Headlight Technology
3:52 ADAS Fusion ABD System
4:39 Light Tunnel – ABD Simulator
4:55 Virtual City
5:07 Hight Speed Track
5:16 3D Lit Image Taillight Technology
6:02 Matrix Projector Headlight Technology

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