Toyota HIACE – Fuel Cell Express Diner Concept and More


Toyota HIACE – Fuel Cell Express Diner Concept Truck and More

Toyota Australia is showcasing a unique food truck concept called the FCV Express Diner, which uses fuel cell technology as part of a national Hydrogen Showcase. The event is designed to display various potential applications of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, including a Caetano 33-seat commercial bus, a forklift, a stationary power generator, and the Toyota Mirai sedan.

The FCV Express Diner is a HiAce-based concept that can be used for a range of situations, from street stalls to disaster relief. It employs the same powertrain as the second-generation Mirai car, with two tanks capable of storing up to 5 kilos of hydrogen, allowing for a driving range of approximately 400 kilometers.

The truck’s back end has been transformed into a mobile kitchen, equipped with five induction cooktops, an oven, rice cooker, fridge, freezer, and three sinks with hot and cold water, all powered by the onboard fuel cell. The FCV Express Diner can also provide electricity for external power needs, acting as a mobile generator.

The Hydrogen Showcase aims to demonstrate the potential and benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology, with Toyota Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer Vin Naidoo. Saying that the company is committed to using a diverse approach towards a carbon-neutral future. The event will also feature a fuel cell bus, the H2.City Gold bus, which is available to the market in Europe and the UK. It uses Toyota fuel cell technology and can store up to 37.5kg of hydrogen, providing a driving range of about 450km.

The showcase will also feature a Toyota fuel cell forklift, currently available for sale in Japan and being trialed in Toyota Australia’s parts warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney. Guests will also have the chance to drive the Toyota Mirai and experience its smooth, silent operation with zero CO2 tailpipe emissions. Finally, the event will demonstrate other potential applications for hydrogen technology, including a stationary fuel cell power generator that was used to power the Marvel Stadium sign and a coach’s box during an AFL match.

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