Toyota YARIS 2023

2023 Toyota YARIS – Hybrid, Enhanced Safety and Digital UX / Toyota YARIS 2023

Toyota has made significant updates to the Yaris Hybrid hatchback lineup to improve its market appeal and maintain its leading position in the B-segment. The modifications cover performance, safety, and aesthetics, ensuring the Yaris Hybrid remains a category leader.

The exterior design of the Yaris has been refreshed with new alloy wheel designs, adding style and sophistication. The distinctive and muscular lines of the Yaris convey energy and readiness for the road.

Inside, the Yaris follows a “less is more” concept with a sharply designed space, high sensory quality, and a sense of spaciousness. Soft-touch padding, felt inserts, a wide front console, and a sporty steering wheel contribute to the premium feel of the cabin.

A notable advancement is the introduction of a customizable digital driver’s instrument display, allowing drivers to personalize their dashboard. The multimedia system has also been improved with larger displays, cloud-based navigation, and upgraded voice recognition and smartphone integration.

A hands-free digital key has been introduced, allowing users to access the vehicle through their smartphones. The key is linked to the My T app, offering convenient features like remote locking, unlocking, climate control, and hazard light activation.

The Yaris Hybrid’s powertrain has been improved, increasing total system output and torque. These enhancements result in better fuel and emissions efficiency, as well as longer electric-only driving capability.

Toyota has added and improved safety features in the new Yaris. Advanced driver assistance systems, including the latest Toyota Safety Sense, provide additional and improved functions. Over-the-air software updates for safety and multimedia functions are now available.

Accident risk detection has been enhanced, and the Pre-Collision System can now identify potential head-on collisions and a wider range of objects and vehicles. Intersection Collision Avoidance Support and Acceleration Suppression are new safety features.

Proactive Driving Assist helps avoid common accident hazards at low speeds through Steering Assist and Deceleration Assist. The Emergency Driving Stop System supports the driver in case of incapacitation, bringing the car to a gentle stop and activating hazard lights.

The Yaris also features safety systems for stationary situations, including Safe Exit Assist and Rear Seat Reminder System.

Existing Toyota Safety Sense features have been upgraded, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Overtake Prevention Support, Preliminary Deceleration/Turn Signal Linked Control, Lane Departure Alert, Lane Trace Assist, and Road Sign Assist.

With these updates, the Yaris Hybrid offers advanced technology, convenience, and enhanced safety, making it a top contender in the small car segment.

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