Toyota YARIS 2023 Hatchback

2023 Toyota YARIS – Toyota YARIS 2023

Toyota Motor Thailand introducing Toyota Yaris, TO MEET THE DEMAND FOR SMALL PASSENGER CARS IN THAILAND. Exterior design is unique, and the interior is spacious. comfortable, and equipped with high-quality materials. Respond to the lifestyle of the new generation, with agile driving performance, and the advantages of fuel efficiency. More importantly, increase driving confidence, with Toyota’s world-class safety system “Toyota Safety Sense”.

The Toyota Yaris, which has sold over 418,000 units* since its launch in 2005, is also popular, ranking first in the Eco-car hatchback market in 2022.

Toyota has introduced its most popular car with aggressive appearance, and functionality, to meet the needs of the customers.

This revamped version will maintain all the strengths of compact hatchbacks. From fuel economy, softness and agility to driving, the cabin is comfortable, and suitable for a wide range of applications, and Toyota has reinforced the highlights of the Yaris this time, to meet the active lifestyle of the new generation.

Toyota Yaris will return to set a trend, and this new model will raise the standard for the hatchback once again to meet the needs of customers with diverse lifestyles.

There are 3 main areas of development. The exterior and interior design, modern functionality, and value for money:

– The exterior design is Refined & Energetic to feel agile.
– Hammerhead Design is the Toyota’s Newest Trend.
– The projector LED headlights are combined with daytime running light and the “Secondary Illumination.”
– “Diffuser Style” rear bumper with carbon fiber design.
– New exterior color, “Cement Gray Metallic”, with two-tone color, It helps to create a unique identity for the car as well.
– Interior design with high-quality materials for the seats, With a variety of color schemes such as, “Orchid brown”. the designer has chosen to use black tones. Alternate with brown and opt for a light brown, “Accent ribbon”. for a sleek feel.

Modern functionality for greater convenience and safety:

– Toyota Safety Sense increases driving confidence with Toyota’s world-class safety system.
– Blind Spot Monitor.
– Rear cross-Traffic Alert.
– Surround view camera.
– Touchscreen size has been increased to 9 inch.
– power connector USB type C for passenger comfort.

Value for money adds premium equipment to the base models such as:

– Projector LED Headlights.
– 15-inch alloy wheels.
– Shark fin antenna.
– Power connector USB type C for rear passengers.
– Trumpet Horns.
– Touchscreen.

are the standard equipment’s on the base models.

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