2024 Mercedes E-Class INTERIOR

2024 Mercedes E-Class INTERIOR

– New electronics architecture allows a comprehensive user experience
– Particularly fast data transfer with the 5G standard
– Numerous new, intelligent functions in interior systems

Customers can expect an especially immersive entertainment experience in the new E-Class. Music, games and streaming content can be experienced in the car with almost all the senses. The E-Class has become more intelligent as a result of digital interior innovations, achieving a new level of personalization and interaction. Simultaneously, electronic architecture is becoming more software-driven and less hardware-driven. This serves as the foundation for future individual updates to the interior systems.

Computing functions from previously distinct domains are now performed in a single processor. Thus, the screens and the MBUX infotainment system share a new, extremely powerful central onboard computer. This type of networking improves performance because data streams can be transmitted much faster.

The MBUX Entertainment Plus package will be available for the new E-Class. It includes hardware, Mercedes me connect services, and a third-party data package. A communication module with 5G transmission technology is used depending on the market. The 5G mobile phone standard allows for much faster data rates than LTE/UMTS.

The E-Class debuts with the Saloon model. The first models in the 214 series will hit European showrooms in summer 2023. The market will be launched in the United States in autumn 2023.

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