Toyota SIENNA DJ Booth Car – Toyota SIENNA Mobile DJ Booth

Toyota Sienna brings the beats with a one-of-a-kind 2023 Sienna special build dubbed “Sienna:Remix”. This Toyota Sienna is the ultimate party machine, with a professional quality 60-speaker sound system, high-resolution TV screen, and LED lighting. It’s an unexpected design that amps up the van swagger by displaying a radical reimagining of Sienna as a DJ booth on wheels.

The car has the athletic and roomy style of the Sienna on the exterior, but it’s anything from conventional on the interior. The removal of the rear liftgate door, which was replaced with swingout doors, the removal of the roof panel in the middle of the car, the inclusion of a 2-inch lift with stiffer springs and 22-inch wheels, and extensive use of noise dampening materials were all key alterations to the Sienna utilized for the project.

The “Sienna:Remix” concept car reimagines the idea of bringing music on the road, beginning with the roof rack. Instead of being a convenient spot to store additional stuff for the next big expedition, the roof hides a surprise. A fully retractable panel in the center, with a raised platform below, creates a transportable, fully functioning DJ booth for a mix-master to move the audience.

A concert-quality sound system on the interior makes this concept car sing. Sound is delivered by 60 speakers, which include four 12-inch subwoofers, 36 midrange speakers, 14 tweeters, and six percussion horns. The system employs 16 amplifiers to provide a staggering 25,000 watts of power. A 12-channel Digital Sound Processor produces professional grade audio, and an eight-channel mixer allows the system to connect to several audio sources, such as SiriusXM or a favorite playlist, through wired or wirelessly linked sources. Dual-digital turntables provide the DJ with scratching, mixing, and sound effect capabilities for the entire club experience. Six 56-Volt 4Ah Li-Ion batteries power the 16 amplifiers, and two normal 110V plugs charge the batteries and power the TV.

Dynamic LED illumination with customizable colors that bounce to the rhythm complements the powerful soundtrack. It also includes customizable LED illumination under the surface. A 43-inch high definition Wi-Fi capable television is located at the rear of the vehicle, adding even another level to the “Sienna:Remix.” For the ultimate mobile gaming experience, the display may play streaming material or connect to a video game system.

The incredible project was created by the Texas-based Complete Customs car company, which specializes in a wide range of custom builds for on- and off-road vehicles, including customized audio systems such as those seen in “Sienna:Remix.” SiriusXM, which worked with Toyota on the construction, has a long history of promoting music and entertainment with Sienna. SiriusXM has been a lifelong presence in the growth of Sienna, from starring in the popular “Swagger Wagon” follow-up music video to supporting the #vanlife trend at music festivals.

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